About Us

Who are the Holy Foggers?

In the Spring of 2020, four friends, felt helpless,  watching businesses & livelihoods being affected by COVID-19.  This led to intense research into how they could help all of their friends’ small businesses get safely cleaned & OPEN.  The four friends, The Holy Foggers, found that the answer was a product that was fully organic, fast, efficient, and affordable- it was DRY FOGGING

They founded Holy Fog as a way to help others feel safe going to work, having guests in their homes, and feeling secure while dining out or shopping & they want everyone to #GetHolyFogged! 

Locally Owned & Operated


Why Organic?

In an effort to limit damage to the environment, Holy Fog searched out a unique solution for our dry fogger that was fully organic & plant based!  Made in America and non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-GMO, ingestible & respirable safe- it requires no PPE to fog! No residue is left behind on surfaces, which are safe to touch and there is no need to wipe down after.